Application to the IPHA program does not require completion of a standardized application, we believe that your representation of your startup is best expressed in your words and format. The IPHA application process contains two components, a letter application and a video submission. The following resources are provided to assist you in developing your application.

1. IPHA application checklist – an application submitted to IPHA should address the following items:

  • What your company produces and sells and its key value proposition
  • Describe the development state of the company’s technical solution
  • Market segments the company will target
  • Origin of the intellectual property used by the company
  • Origin of the company
  • Current and intended location of the company
  • Current leadership team
  • Why the company would be of interest to the Inova Health System and other similar consumers
  • Briefly describe the company’s economic model (revenue, net, capital)
  • Identify key competitors
  • Identify all previous investments in the company
  • Describe the development state of the company’s technical solution

2. IPHA video checklist – Company founders should create a simple 2 or 3 minute YouTube video that contains the following:

  • An introduction of all company founders
  • The CEO’s description of how the team was formed
  • A selling message directed to an investor that is designed to get the investor interested enough in the company to accept a follow-up meeting.

When you’ve completed the above checklists, you may submit your application to:

Hooks Johnston – hooks.johnston (at)
Pete Jobse – peter.jobse (at)