Application Process

The application process for IPHA will initiate in 2017. A press release announcing the opening of the process will be issued and this website will be updated to reflect the opening date.

Applications and videos are reviewed as received. Feedback to the applicant occurs within a week of submission (holiday periods may be extended).

If the application and video are determined to be aligned with IPHA’s acceptance criteria, the application is reviewed and discussed by all partners. After the partners meeting, successful applicants are offered the opportunity to meet the partners in-person, or via teleconference.

Within 2 weeks of the in-person interview, candidates will be informed if they are accepted into the program and the investment contract process is initiated. IPHA uses the SAFE investment contract format which will be provided at the in-person interview.

Unsuccessful applications receive email correspondence indicating the rationale for not proceeding with the application. Unsuccessful applicants may resubmit an application if the reasons for non-acceptance have been addressed.

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