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Rapid diagnostics at point-of-care

In just 15 seconds


HeMemics Biotechnologies, Inc. (HBI) is a research and development company located in Rockville, MD that develops rapid diagnostic test platforms to detect various bacterial and viral pathogens. The company’s technology detects, within 15 seconds, the absence or presence of a specific virus or bacterium when an aqueous sample is placed on an electronic chip. HeMemics invented and patented “HemSol™,” a method to preserve cells and biological entities for an extended period of time. The preservation method in conjunction with the low cost HeMemics prototype electronic chip and portable, battery-powered reading device are designed to be deployed for Point of Care (POC) diagnostics. Typically, pathogen detection involves laboratory analysis which delays inpatient treatment or requires a return visit for outpatients.

IPHA Director Mike Thomas said “Rapid turn-around of pathogen testing is critical for triage, referral and treatment decisions. The HeMemics solution delivers convenience to patients since the diagnostic process can be completed in the same clinical encounter. Nurses and medical staff can identify and triage patients with infections in under a minute.”

“The clinical utility of HeMemics’ inexpensive, rapid, bedside test for infectious diseases means that precise treatment can be expeditiously given to patients in any setting, at any time. More rapid and precise therapy can potentially reduce the length of stay and readmissions. The simplicity of the HeMemics testing process positions us to be widely adopted by primary care practices and remote settings where laboratory infrastructure is not present” stated John Warden, Chief Operating Officer of HeMemics”.

As an IPHA portfolio company, HeMemics will follow a customized development plan which includes working with the IPHA Directors to design and produce a product that can be utilized in the Inova Health System and other healthcare organizations. In addition to product development, HeMemics will work with IPHA directors to raise capital and structure the company to achieve rapid growth.