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Inova Doubles Capacity for Entrepreneur Training Program Focused on Innovative Healthcare Technologies

PHA’s Entrepreneur Training Program Sparking Innovation in the National Capital Region, Doubling to Meet Demand

FAIRFAX, VA — Inova Personalized Health Accelerator (IPHA) will launch the second year of its Inova Entrepreneur Training Program on September 12, doubling the number of training events in response to overwhelming interest from leaders in the industry. The program, designed to provide entrepreneurs with a comprehensive set of skills required to execute the commercialization and growth of personalized healthcare technology companies, is part of a larger effort to catalyze a vibrant innovation ecosystem in the National Capital region and accelerate the insertion of innovation into the Inova Health System.

Twice yearly, IPHA invites high-potential personalized health technology entrepreneurs to participate in the education program. The third installation of the program, starting September 12, has successfully enrolled 90 entrepreneurs for 12, 90-minute sessions held weekly at IPHA.

“We believe we can make a significant impact on our region by providing free resources for a generation of entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing and commercializing healthcare innovation,” said Mike Thomas, IPHA director. “We are opening doors to all innovators who are committed to learning and building, not just those who receive an investment from IPHA. We are interested in supporting anyone who can contribute to furthering innovation within our region’s thriving healthcare economy.”

The training program focuses on a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial topics in the healthcare technology field, such as investment options and trends, IP protection, product management and development, marketing and more. Sessions are guided by leaders of the area’s health technology and venture communities.

“Our investment in the Inova Entrepreneurs program is already delivering a return, and we continue to expect that this training program will be a primary source for seed deals in which Inova invests,” said Mike. “We are doubling capacity in our second year and look forward to additional incremental growth in the program scope in the near future.”

The schedule for the fall session is available at